Richard Appiah Akoto was the teacher who went viral a few years ago after drawing a complete Microsoft Word document on a chalkboard in order to show his students how it operates. The new teacher who is today’s subject of discussion drew not only Microsoft Word but a house, children, animals, the Ghana Coat of Arms among others to help students in the teaching and learning process.

Although it is not clear where this new teacher is located, neither is his name known, but he is seen in action in a post by TV3 Ghana standing by a board teaching his students with a method rarely used by most teachers in schools all over the country.This story is currently trending on all social media platforms especially Facebook and Twitter.

However, inquiries are being conducted by media houses in order to bring this anonymous teacher to recognition in the face of the public.
This act really conveys an important message to other teachers and this message is that; no matter how complex the situation is, we can adjust to these difficulties and help these deprived communities identify their purposes and reach the highest peak of development.

Ghanaians have however been sharing positive comments about this good gesture shown by this teacher who has not yet been identified.
This act portrayed by the unidentified teacher is a reward deserving act which has to be fulfilled.
We hardly see these positive signs and if teachers in Ghana can emulate this selfless gesture then I think the educational lives of our wards will be bright so will our societies change for the better.

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