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Dee Bwoy, a vibrant and a self-motivated upcoming superstar who is working assiduously through the woods is set to release his new track with the popular Taadi homeboy, Kofi Kinaata today.

Dee Bwoy, born Daniel Nana Yaw Fosu is a vibrant upcoming highlife artiste who is eager to add up to the success of Ghana music industry in the country. Dee Bwoy is a talented artiste who does authentic highlife genre we know already, and not the one with the blend of R&B. He is a bold young man in his middle 20s who is currently studying Diploma in Communication Studies at the prestigious Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), he was born and bred in Jacobu, a town in the Ashanti Region, but currently lives in Accra.

Mr. Daniel Fosu, popularly called by his stage name, Dee Bwoy as we all know, has an enormous passion to do music and he started off his music career 3 years ago, but prior to that, he used to sing at church ever since he was at age 16.

The new track with Kofi Kinaata is entitled “TE MASE,” which means, understand me. The track is about love. It’s about you loving someone very much and liking everything about him/her, but don’t have the courage to approach the person with it.

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Guys, you can watch Deebwoy’s full track featuring the fabulous Kofi Kinaata on his YouTube page; don’t forget to subscribe, comment, like and share.

But you tell him/her how you feel because you are feeling shy, but later you finally mustered courage and approached the person and told him/her all that you feel, and that he/she should understand you and be your partner for life. This will make sense to you because you are lonely and wants a partner. This is the entails of Dee Bwoy’s track with Kofi Kinaata.

The track is set to be released on the today, 6th August, 2021, it will be uploaded on all digital platforms to be streamed. Guys, you really have to stay glued to your phones like never before, because, Dee Bwoy is bringing something massive with Kofi Kinaata. You can’t afford to miss this.


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