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The Beposo D/A K.G school has been battled uncontrollably by reptiles in the community, this affected by the teacher and pupils in the school. This is due to the deplorable state of the school’s structure that has been there for over many years now.

“The school is over 20 years and there is nothing good to write home about due to its current state,” says the Assemblyman of Beposo. He says the Beposo D/A KG wooden classroom structure was built in 2000 through a communal labour in the Shama District in the Western Region that has not seen any improvement or change since it was first constructed for the residents.

Pupils with teacher at Beposo D/A school.

The deplorable condition of the classroom is bad to the extent of having no windows and this paves way for intruders like “Wee Smokers and social deviants” to get access easily to place. Moreover Snakes and other reptiles find comfort in the classroom, which calls for an alarm in danger of human lives. It is just a bamboo fence structure with a dusty floor used as classroom, exposing the KG pupils to danger.

The Assemblyman also stated the unbearable condition they face when it rains, the roof of the structure rips off which poses a threat to the pupils under the rain. The teachers and pupils lives are in danger.

The school has no proper window.

The teachers, speaking to Connect FM, said they are always tempted to close the school and go home whenever it rains. “Government should consider these young pupils because their future and lives are at risk, their parents also pay taxes”, the teachers said. “Teachers do not have a place to sit whenever it rains,” says the Former Management Committee chairman.

The Former SMC chairman, Mr. Alan Akili appealed to the government to help provide teaching and learning materials for the school, because it worries to see teachers sitting under trees as their Staff common room.


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