Andy Oppong Dankyi, is a young, vibrant and bold upcoming journalist and the host of the forthcoming campus show on Youtube together with his industrious team is celebrating their one year anniversary of a fruitful journey so far in the field of freelance Journalism (online blogging) which is scheduled for today, August 10, 2021.

It is not an easy task taking up journalism as a lifetime profession, it comes along with ups and downs, challenges, troubles and criticisms which totally dampen your spirit but this path of life is a tough one and only the fittest can survive. Persistent efforts, steadfast prayers, hardwork and determination are the key virtues and principles you have to stick to in order to make your dreams a reality.

We have come very far by grace, wandered through the woods, made tons of mistakes, made abundant sacrifices, met all kinds of people due to the passion and love we have for journalism and the curiosity we have levelled up in digging deep into issues, seeking redress of the grievances of the masses and bringing to them the best of news.

This anniversary means a lot to Mr. Andy Oppong Dankyi and his entire team, working very smart to beat the odds anytime. It is also going to set in motion a new beginning and a story to write about in few years to come.

As part of the anniversary, a free advertisement package has been instituted by Andy Oppong Dankyi and his team for our customers and viewers. Companies and businesses all over the country have the free will of advertising their offerings, products and services without any charges within a month on our thriving website.

We also ask for the support of every individual as we celebrate the one year anniversary of our journey so far in the Journalism fraternity. We hope you will still be standing by us when we celebrate our 5th anniversary and 10th. Andy Oppong Online tv, your authentic and credible online news source (authentic, factual and trustworthy).

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