The Speaker of Parliament, Hon Alban Sumana Bagbin Kingsford’s convoy has been involved in a fatal accident today, not long ago. The accident happened in the early hours of Friday morning August 6, 2021.

The Speaker involved in an accident, but he is well.

The Speaker’s dispatch rider, Chief Inspector Kraakyire Abednego, is feared in the process. An eye witness, Papa Richie with Ahenepa FM in Juaso says the accident occurred at that particular place. “The dispatch rider who was paving way for the Speaker’s convoy died in the process which happened at around 9AM exactly at Juaso, before Juaso junction in the Ashanti Region.

Richie also says the body of Inspector Abednego, is being transferred from the Juaso Government Hospital to Accra for the necessary processing. It’s a sad news that he has to bow now.

But for your information, the Speaker oft Parliament is alive and kicking. He is well, he didn’t encounter any bruises or of any sort. Apart of from the Inspector who of seriously injured and died, no one got injured.

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