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Lionel Andres Messi is an Argentine born footballer and one of the best players in the world. He is the playmaker of football club Barcelona and the winner of six ballon dollar awards instituted by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) is set to part way with FC Barcelona.

He has also won numerous cups with his club and also helped them clinched most of the La Liga titles. However news has been surfacing online indicating that Lionel Messi has parted ways with his club which has turn out as a big blow to football fans and supporters all over the world for leaving his club.

The reason for his departure from the club is due to the fact that, there are some financial obstacles hindering the relationship Messi has with his club. He has served the team for a long time and has added more to its existence, and helped to make it what it is now.

The club is also facing some financial losses due to excess spending followed by Messi’s exit which has also added to their woes. This decision seems to be a tough one for the experienced player but in all he has to leave the club.

Messi leaving Barcelona does not mean his football career will be totally over, but he has chances of playing for other teams as well and we hope to see him on the field of play in other thriving club as the one he left sooner than later.


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