The residence of popular Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo, who also doubles up as a proprietor and the own of the North Hills International School has completely been destroyed by fire.

The entire house was razed down to ashes as men from the Ghana National Fire Service could not douse the raging fire. Beverly who announced the sad incident on her Instagram page on Monday evening, said the fire lasted within a period of 4hours.

According to her, she has lost all valuables and those of her children too. “My house burnt down to ashes within 4hrs … Everything is gone, my passports, clothes, shoes, bags, wigs, jewelry, perfumes, my furniture, my kitchen, everything is gone. My kids’ room and all their clothes, everything is also gone. I’m left with what I wore out that’s all. Thank God there were no casualties but where do I start from?”, she wrote on Instagram page.

According to her, the fire service got in on time but over 40mins they couldn’t go inside because of the heavy smoke. “I was wondering why they don’t have protective gears for smoke. Why are they not well equipped, gosh. They stood there deliberating and another came and that was the worse, they had to use a generator, but it couldn’t start which also took a while.

Then another came which went through a neigbours house to the back of the house and started putting off the fire but it was too late. My mum, the kids’ nanny, the kids and I are all left with nothing ,” she revealed. “This country, let’s stop doing partisan politics and set our priorities right and stop the misplaced priorities. Ghana hmmmmmm,”she added.

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