The Youthful and Useful Conference is a vibrant conference program under the auspices of the Youthful and Useful Network. It’s core mandate is to impact into the lives of the youth of this country to be the better version of themselves and find those purpose. This year’s conference is underway and it’s scheduled for online.

The Youthful and Useful Conference is organized by God’s own servant, an anointed man of God, Pastor Daniel Tetteh. Due to the battling of the COVID-19, the conference will come off virtually as the best way to serve its eagerly youth who are anxiously awaiting for the conference.

The Last year’s Youthful and Useful Conference was such a blessing to behold, an anointed and blessed man of God’s servant, who also doubles up as a film producer and an actor, Pastor Pascal Amanfo, was one of the anointed speakers who graced the conference last year, imagine this year, you will be more than blessed

This year’s Youthful and Useful Conference promises not only to be massive virtually, but also blessed and anointed due to the speakers on bill as the conference is dubbed; “Becoming Relevant.”

The anointed speakers on bill are Pastor Daniel Tetteh, who is the host, Prophet Eben Nti Boateng, who is God’s own faithful servant, and Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, a former CEO and a member of the Ghana Chamber of Mimes.

I am not sure you would want to miss this for anything, save the date on your calendar, power-pack your phone with enough date, and write down your expectations for the conference, you will be blessed you joined, trust me.

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