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The University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (UTAG), has currently called off its unexpected strike following an agreement between the National Labour Commission and the Employment Ministry as charges against the association is discontinued.

Facts indicate that, poor condition of services and other challenges accounted for the association’s withdrawal from teaching activities and this initiative executed by UTAG posed a negative impact on the lives of university students all over the country.

However, UTAG’s strike sparked up a number of controversies which got Ghanaians talking, court actions being resorted to by government institutions against the association, students voicing out their woes and giving out complaints pertaining their educational welfare.

Although there were complexities surrounding the strike UTAG embarked on, the association has come to an agreement with the government leading to the strike being called off and academic activities restored back to normal.


The strike being called off implies that students can now go back to their various schools to undertake their learning activities which will equip and prepare them for future accomplishments in life.

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