A Ghanaian American surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, who was raised in pure poverty in Ghana to be one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. He rose to the limelight after he helped a black woman, known as Tessica Brown, who mistakenly used gorilla glue on her hair.

He came up with a solution that allowed the strong adherent to be broken down and removed while rescuing much of her hair. The process brought a lot of comfort and relief to Tessa Brown and social media followers who have tracked her sad journey. Dr. Obeng did the procedure for free.

Dr. Michael K. Obeng is a product of Harvard University, board-certified Beverley Hills plastic surgeon who was mentioned among America’s Top plastic surgeons by the consumers research council of America in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

Dr. Obeng is among the scare, few plastic surgeons in the world to successfully rejoin a limb, remove ribs to streamline the waist and he is a pro in complex reconstructive surgery. Currently as a staff of Cedars Sinai Hospital and the former chief of plastic surgery at St. Elizabeth Health Centre. His patients are royalties and celebrities, and also, include some of the world’s unfortunate patients.

The early life of Dr. Michael K. Obeng.

Dr. Michael K. Obeng was born in 1973 into a poor family. He attended Prempeh College, one of the best senior high schools in Ghana. He was a dining hall prefect. At age 15, he had an encounter with professionals from Operation Smile.

At age 20, Dr. Obeng moved to the United States with just two hundred dollars to attend undergraduate at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls Texas. He graduated with a B.S in chemistry and got his M.D degree from the University of Texas Medical school.

Career and Awards.

Dr. Obeng has received envious awards including a research grant from the National Institute of Health, the converted Herman Barnett award in surgery, and Anesthesia. In 2018, he made nationwide headlines for successfully carrying out forehead reduction surgery.

In 2019, he again covered headlines for successfully performing rub removal surgery on Justin Jedlica, and has served as plastic surgery consultant or advisor for a variety of print and television publications such as Inquistic in regards to socialite Kim Kardashian West facial structure charges throughout his career.

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