Hello lovely peeps, have you ever heard of a new YouTube series called UpTown? If no, don’t worry, I know you have not heard much of it. Well, remain patient as always and keep calm as the Skymedia, together with a group of an illustrious actors and actresses bring to you an exceptional and intriguing programme which generates entertainment and inculcates moral lessons into the youth of today.

The UpTown series mainly focuses on peer pressure and negative lifestyles depicted by the youth. However, young boys and girls of today have the desire for acts which go contrary to the religious principles, customs, traditions and norms of society. These acts include alcoholism, drug abuse, womanizing, fake lives, frauds among others. Watch full trailer here.

This fledgling series also portrays innocent individuals whose moral virtues get corrupted due to their engagement with bad companies (wayward friends). It also points on the view that, other individuals are not enticed by their will to effectuate such negative lifestyles rather they are lured into these acts by the people whom they call friends.


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This delightful programme also showcases abstract feelings such as love, hatred, moods, trust, troubles (Yawa), relationships etc. The UpTown series brings out the consequences of choosing the wrong path of life over the right one.
The production team urges all viewers in Ghana and beyond to subscribe to their YouTube channel, as they enjoy a power packed content full of excitements, suspense and an unending experience.

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