A final year intelligent (level 400) student at the University of Ghana dies a day to his final examination. The brilliant student, Daniel Anane Wadie, was abjectly seeking medical assistance at the University of Ghana Hospital while he was still in school.

Daniel Anane Wadie

Daniel Anane Wadie, also know as Vandal Danny, who really battled with his health at the University of Ghana Hospital before kicking the bucket a day to his final exams to completing university has brought a heavy blow to his folks. Imagine the tears alone crammed up in the eyes of his parents, especially his mother; for so many years of education up to the university level only for him to die, such a very dejected news.

Doctors at the University of Ghana Hospital have still not confirmed the cause of his death yet through the various medical reports ran. Although some information coming in about the cause of his death is, Cardiac attack.

Aside Vandal Danny’s brilliancy on campus, he held some positions as well to for the betterment of his school, University of Ghana. He was a member of the University of Ghana Parliament House, an information studies student, and a Commonwealth Hall resident.

Daniel Anane Wadie in Parliament.

In a press statement signed by the Deputy Clerk One, Mr. Caleb Elorm Kadu, announced the sad incidence to the public and expressed their deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

He passed away yesterday, September 8, 2021 at the University of Ghana Hospital with so much sorrow and downcast in his heart. He might have gone through a lot with cares of this world burdening his heart. This is in regards to his last whereabouts on WhatsApp.

His last about on WhatsApp was currently set to, “When my body is gone, remember my heart,” before he died.


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