The University of Ghana, as well known as Legon, is said to have its Students Representative Council (SRC) elections on Wednesday, October 19, 2021 after the completion of the much heated and necessary vetting process the candidates had to pass through as the preliminary stage demands.

Students schooling in the university, will be given the opportunity to exercise their franchise as they vote their favorite candidates into the respective portfolios.

During the campaign moments, the various candidates went all over the university spilling out their projects which will come into session provided they are given the mandate to run the affairs of the student body.

The various competent SRC Presidential Candidates with their veeps for office are as follows.

1. Prince Asumadu – SRC Presidential Hopeful.

Wisdom Ndukwe – SRC Vice Presidential Hopeful.

2. Samuel Amos Ofosu – SRC Presidential Hopeful

Alfread Acquah – SRC Vice Presidential Hopeful.

3. Felix Tawiah Ayittah – SRC Presidential Hopeful.

Paul Baah Andam – SRC Vice Presidential Hopeful.

4. Priscilla Asantewaa Ayeh – SRC Presidential Hopeful.

Henry Nii Adjiri – SRC Vice Presidential Hopeful

The other portfolios are also as follows…

1. Daniel Obeng Asamoah – Treasurer

2. Abdul-Rashid Abdul Razak – Treasurer

3. Naadu Stephanie Antwi – General Secretary.

4. Rebecca Nwinviel Derry – General Secretary.

5. Janet Mante kodjo – General Secretary.

They also implored and pleaded with the student fraternity to vote on their behalf as they sought to bring a comprehensive change and progress to the university as the election approached.

However, this awaited election will come off tomorrow, and the SRC on behalf of the school entreats all students to endeavor to undertake their voting responsibilities in good faith as they have a free and fair election.

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