Popular Ghanaian actress, Kalsuome Sinare Baffoe, bags a degree certificate at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

Kalsoume Sinare is a Ghanaian actress and former model. She has appeared in over fifty films, including Babina, Trinity, and Sala, for which she received a Golden Actress award in the Drama category.

The actress, wife, mother of three got to a crossroad of her life but took a very difficult decision to go back to school, in the year 2017. At her age, it was fascinating indeed, looking at what she has in life and the fast growing career she is having, no one would have thought she would go back to school.

But to her utter surprise, and at the shock of everyone, she took the first bold step and went back to school, and was enormously surprised to find her age group and a caliber of people in her lectures that kept her going.

“To my surprise of the first day of lectures, I found myself in a class with all age groups and caliber of people,” the award winning actress joyfully said this on her Instagram page.

On hindsight, the actress thought she had it all, and it wouldn’t be much of a problem if she rescinded and continued her acting career. But she mustered inspiration from herself and from which others have in her and went to GIMPA and started a degree course in Public Service and Governance.

Fast forward today, she has graduated with a degree certificate to her thriving career, some of her colleagues form the movie industry were there in their numbers to cheer her up and show their utmost praise and support to her.

She is indeed an inspiration to herself and to others, which drove her in the first place to do what she was skeptical about – going back to school.

A very big congratulations to Mrs. Kalsuome Sinare Baffoe for bagging this degree, she really deserves it. She is actually a real pacesetter, as she has set the pace for huge motivated young ones to follow suit and educate themselves to the highest pinnacle of their lives.

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