Virtual Book Launch: “Just A Reminder: What Every Youngster Must Know.” – Helena Amon-Cofie.

A self motivated entrepreneur, Helena Amon-Cofie, is set to launch her third thriving and captivating book on the world shelves. The author seeks to influence young individuals positively through her writings, and she has dropped a new one titled, “What Every Youngster Must Know,” to inspire and urge the mass of youngsters.

Helena Amon-Cofie is a trained Education Consultant and In-Service trainer who offers consultations and trainings for educators, tertiary and secondary school students.

Author: Mrs. Helena Amon-Cofie.

She is the Founder of The Learning Experience Educational Services, and she runs an online and offline tuition, reading and self development programmes for students with focus on the International Curriculum.

Madam Helena has both local and international training in her area of specialization, and she has also worked with both local and international clients/students. She is passionate about what she does, and she is a team player who believes that more is achieved when there is synergy, determination and persistency.

She also runs a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Anchoredvisions Foundation, that supports children in deprived communities in the area of education- an NGO that is a member of World Association of NGOs.

The learned author is a volunteer mentor for Inspired Women Lead (IWL), a mentorship program for female leaders across the globe with its headquarters in Switzerland. Helena Amon-Cofie is also a published author; writing is one of her hobbies.

This is a must read.

The long awaited launch is set to take place via Zoom on Saturday, 15th January, 2022 from 5:00pm to 5:30pm. There will be an interview session with Helena Amon-Cofie during the launch by the passionate young journalist, Oppong Dankyi Andy.

Journalist: Oppong Dankyi Andy.

The major reason for the launch being held virtually and not face-to-face is due to some reasons, but most importantly, the deadly coronavirus pandemic and its associated variants; such as the Delta and the Omicron. Our safety is the utmost concern for the organizer of this launch.

The good thing about this book is that, it’s a Kindle edition, so it makes it easy for readers to buy and read it on their smartphones. You are cordially invited to join the book launch. The Meeting ID is 460 517 5733, and the password is KDGTA5. Let’s all endeavor to undertake in this launch because it is going to be a remarkable one to be remembered.

You can’t just miss it.

The prolific author has also written two impactful books which are changing and transforming lives, and they are, “Succeeding In High School and “No More Tears.” I urge you to grab a copy for a transformational life; you will thank me later.

Helena Amon-Cofie is a woman who has foresight; she promises nothing but the best for her readers. Watch out for her because she will definitely blow your mind through her delightful and riveting writings.

For more information on the book launch or any other thing, you can contact us on +233 24 585 3556.

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