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The Black stars of Ghana keep up with their slow start in this year’s African Cup of Nations (AFCON) as they played against Gabon today, January 14, 2022.

Ghana lost their first match against Morocco and due to that, they came into this game hoping to secure three maximum points in order to increase their chances of staying in the continental football competition. Unfortunately, Ghana drew against their opponents in this key fixture.

The captain of the Black stars, Andre Dede Ayew’s powerful strike put Ghana ahead in the first half of the game but like Morocco, Gabon equalized at the dying minutes of the game as they came up level with the Black stars.

Ghana played very well and they also created some goal scoring opportunities but could not utilize them. A number of shots were directed towards the Ghanaian goal keeper but the defenders stood in the way until their opponents scored at the latter part of the second half.

Ghana will play against Comoros next week Tuesday and they have to do well to win this game because failure to do so implies that they will be saying good bye to this year’s AFCON in the group stages which is not something good to write about.

They need to score more goals to beat their opponents in order to sail through to the next stage of the tournament.

Looking at this drawn game, Ghanaian supporters sitting back at home may not be impressed with the team’s performance but they have an aorta of hope that their team would beat Comoros in the last fixture of the group stages to move to the next stage.


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