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The management of the Ghana Institute Of Journalism has issued out a deadline date for submission of the internship forms. All students are expected to submit their internship forms before the actual date.

One of the basic requirements of every tertiary student to is embark on a three to whatever mounts they choose or the outfit they work will permit them to have this internship there for academic purposes.

The deadline for submitting the internship forms is on the 24th of January, 2022 at the Old Campus, Ringway. Any student that fails to submit the internship forms will face a penalty put in place by management.

Last semester, before the academic year came to a close, level 300 and level 100 students were required to have an internship for a month at any media outfit or organization of their choice.

This was last year, in the month of October. Students in the specified levels, especially the level 100 students went all out to many media outfits and organizations as the beat the traffic just to secure a place to intern there.

After some heated back and forth, most students, the willing ones got a place to have their internship. Majority of them had it in the media outfits and a few had theirs in an organization per the internship letters given to them by the internship coordinator which quicken things up.

Initially, school was supposed to be resumed on the 10th December, 2021, but because of the anticipated Yuletide (Christmas season), management rescheduled again.

So prior to the new date, students were to submit their internship forms within a certain frame of time; from the 10th to the 30th November, 2021.

Fast forward today, the date of reopening has changed and management is expecting all students who undertook this internship in the various media outfits and organization in the country to submit their forms for verification.

Meanwhile, the Students’ Representative Council is pleased to inform the general students populace about this urgent and needful exercise, the Sim Card registration scheduled on the old campus, Ringway.


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