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Another impasse comes up in Ghana as two gang groups from Nima and Mamobi communities clash heatedly with each other over some sort of disagreement among them.

These Muslim groups on Tuesday, 18th January, 2022, a Public peace was threatened as these two groups battled head to head out with weapons such as; guns, sharp cutlasses and machetes while others sustained severe wounds due to their involvement in the clash.

This incident sparked up fear among innocent inhabitants living within the Nima community and this occurrence is nothing good to write home about. Such an impunity act on the side of the youth.

Footages of this violent incident indicate that the clash was masterminded by two leaders of the so called gang groups who are on the run at the moment.

The police have therefore arrested nine suspects involved in this horrible incident, two have been admitted at the hospital for urgent treatment who are under strict guard by the police, and the police are on manhunt for the two gang leaders who are the brain behind the clash.

According to the police, all perpetrators of this thuggery will be apprehended and brought to book.

The Nima police have made their presence felt in the affected community since the time of this horrific incident. They are willing to maintain law and order in the Nima community until sanity is restored if it even cause them to search every nook and cranny hole, they will.

News came up that people lost their lives during this incident but the police reiterates that nothing of that sort was recorded. They stated emphatically that, pertaining to their investigation, no life has been lost.

A Ghanaian security analyst, Adib Saani suggests that we need to adopt strong mechanisms worthy of preventing such events from taking place years to come.


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