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It has been a fortnight now since the University Teacher’s Association of Ghana (UTAG) embarked on an indefinite strike due to its quest for improvement in the condition of lecturers teaching in public universities across the country which is the responsibility of the government.

Lecturers have refused to perform their academic duties since school resumed and this is a huge disadvantage on the part of our dear students.

Today marks the third week since this whole strike brouhaha began and public universities are at the verge of shutting down since academic activities no longer take effect within these educational structures due to this ongoing strike.

The National Labour Commission (NLC) ordered University teachers to go back to class and perform their duties but their efforts proved futile because UTAG is still holding on sternly to their decision and will not make any changes until the government hears their cry and resolves their problems.

When you go to various campuses, you will see students idling about because teaching and learning have come to a halt due to UTAG’s unpleasant ongoing strike action restraining lecturers from performing their required duties.

Affected students are therefore pleading with the government to do the necessary that is fulfilling whatever thing UTAG desires so that educational activities will go back to its normalcy.

The government also entreats students to keep calm as they are making appropriate decisions to come to the aid of lecturers, do the necessary and heed to the demands submitted to their doorsteps by UTAG.


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