Modelling in the terrain of entertainment refers to an activity where people are employed to display clothes or other merchandise to the general public, especially on social media.

People have an enormous negative perception about modelling in Ghana, and most especially, beyond the shores of Africa; that they form all sorts of stigmatization against individuals who are into the act.

Since this topic is a catchy one, Andy Oppong Dankyi and his illustrious team decided to tackle the issue in the form of an interview on the campus show with a student from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) by name Sidik.

In our our quest to find answers and know why people have such perceptions, Sidik, cam on the Campus Show. Sidik is a young man who has passion for modelling and want to make it a part of his priorities despite various controversies levelled up by people against the act.

Having Sidik on the show was a delightful one and speaking on the channel, he debunked various claims people attribute to modelling making it seem as if it was something proposed by the devil.

Everyone has passion for things they desire be and become and when it comes to modelling there is no exception. Sidik in his submission indicated that he goes for photo shoots and other engagements as part of his modelling scheme and there is nothing negative about it as people see it to be.

We have renowned musicians and fashion designers who are also models in Ghana and the world at large. What I have to say to you is, everyone is entitled to choose whatever profession or career that suits him or her, and those who are into modelling cannot be exempted.

Criticizing people unconstructively based on their profession is not the right thing to do. You have to concentrate on whatever you are doing and leave others to also focus on theirs. You have the right to articulate your view but it should be done in a constructive manner.

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