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This edition of the campus show was a delightful one as we invited a student from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) by name Miss Patience Naa Tetteh to give her take on an underlying issue which has been kept unattended to all these years and that is piercing.

Miss Patience Naa Tetteh.

A lot of people get pierced when they have recently broken up with their partner. They do this to relieve stress and to mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life. Some people want certain piercings because it starts becoming a trend.

I know you may want to know the meaning of piercing, well piercing refers to the act of penetrating a piece of jewelry such as a ring or stud into the flesh either for fashion or any obvious personal reason. Watch my full short interview with her to find out what she had to say about piercing.

Watch full video here.

Piercing falls under the same class as tattoo and other engagements. Generally, people of the Ghanaian entity have a negative perception about piercing due to the health hazards it comes along with together with other risky consequences.

They are also of the view that our religious principles do not entertain such engagements as much as they preach against these acts.

Naa, speaking on the exciting campus show indicated that, people sharing negative thoughts about piercing and that should not be the case because every individual is entitled to his or her desire and she therefore finds it difficult to agree with this claim put up against individuals who are into piercing.

The supreme law of the land states categorically that we all have the right to exercise our freedom and liberty and no one has the effrontery to act as a stumbling block in other people’s priveleges.

Miss Naa disclosed that when she had pierced her ears beyond the expected number, her mom was furious but as time went on she (Naa’s mom) had learned to accept her despite the over bounded ear piercings.

Miss Naa says that, piercing your flesh does not imply that you have overly fallen short of the moral virtues you possess because a book cannot be judged by its cover.

She takes active participation in activities of the Lord and acts in consultation with the holy bible. According to the young lady, she says, “let’s not be quick to judge people due to something they have on their bodies while we have not gotten closer to them yet.” They might have the purest of hearts—— you may not know.

Meanwhile, Tattooing on the human body has been an irresistible act condoned by individuals in the four angles of the planet. A tattoo is a mark, figure, design, or word inscribed intentionally fixed or placed on the skin of an accepted individual.

Watch video here.


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