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It has been 7 weeks since the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) headed by Professor Solomon Nunoo embarked on a strike to refrain from all academic activities due to the claim of poor condition of services on the part of lecturers serving in public universities all over the country.

The association has therefore decided to suspend its strike for some time following a court injunction and interventions from some concerned institutions.

The government together with the National Labour Commission resolved to take UTAG to court and the reason for such decision was because the NLC was of the view that the strike executed by the UTAG educational body was illegal and offensive.

Going to court sometime around last week, ruling went in favour of the NLC and as such the lecturers were ordered to go back to class as negotiable proceedings take place between UTAG and the government.
However, UTAG was not ready to suspend its strike but after engagements with prominent persons such as former President J. A. Kuffuor and other institutions, the teacher’s association body has decided to allow lecturers of public universities go back to class for a stipulated time until their pleas are heeded to by the current government. While universities such as KNUST and GIJ have sent communiques to students about the dates of school resumption on an interim basis, some universities and colleges such as the University of Education Winneba (UEW) are still holding on to the strike and will not go back on their decision. They will do so when the government finally conforms to their biddings and desires.


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