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Hello bonafide Ghanaians, are you aware that we are in the Ghana month? Well I know you are because as a patriotic son of the soil, you have to and need to know about this.

The month of March in Ghana clearly talks about the Independence day which is an annual historic event held in high esteem by Ghanaians and symbolizes the day Ghana had its independence on 6th March, 1957 from the British, who were their colonial masters at that time.

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah together with the other members of the vigorous ‘’Big Six’’ did everything in their power to gain independence for their people even though they were opposed by the British on several occasions.

At the appointed time, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana’s liberation from colonial rule forever at the Accra polo grounds together with his supportive members.

Due to such happening, that day was set aside to eulogise the members of the Big Six spearheaded by the dynamic leader, Dr. Nkrumah for standing tall to gain freedom for the country Ghana though the desire to unite Africa as one state did not come true.

The celebration has become a tradition from that time till today. The celebration comprises match passes, showcase of our cultural heritage and other activities.

I entreat everyone to take active participation in fostering unity, peace, purpose and will of the state because when Ghana progresses, we all enjoy the glory and when it takes a retrogression we all have to face the repercussions.


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