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The actress, producer and mother of one, Yvonne Nelson is making the talk of town on the lips of many Ghanaians as they speculate and wonder about the actress’ recent posts on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. She of late posts old pictures of herself and married young actor and a politician, John Dumelo.

Yvonne Nelson.

Yvonne Nelson is a Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, entrepreneur and a mother of one beautiful daughter. She has starred in several Ghanaian movies including: House of Gold, Any Other Monday, In April, and Swings, etc.

The movie producer, has got Ghanaians talking about her recent posts on social media whether she is back with the married man, John Dumelo. Her captions on some of the posts on social media raised eyebrows and much inquisitive rumors about the two. If per se, Yvonne Nelson is trying to ruin John Dumelo’s happy marriage with son.

Some funs say it is a highly disrespectful attitude of posting such throwback pictures of a married man which could land on the naked eyes of his dear wife, if such a thing is even happening.

Some few reserved Ghanaians also think that, for all they might think of and care about; the actress is just bringing a new movie out from her own production, YN Production.

John Dumelo.

To Ghanaians, it is no secret that the two are friends, however, some people believe there might be more to it behind these posts. They are not only speculating of a hidden relationship, but a long term one behind the wife of the farmer.

Meanwhile, the actress recently posted a video of John Dumelo on her Instagram page admitting certain things he loved about her, Yvonne Nelson. “She is very religious, she also has beautiful legs, we both share our relationships with each other, and she is a good cook as well. The first time i met Yvonne Nelson was in the “Prince’s Bride,” and that was how it all started for us,” John revealed.

For the time being, some believe that the actress’ account might have been hacked, especially since they view her posts as unusual. The know if there is something fishy going on between the two, she wouldn’t be so dump to put it on social media without thinking two.

But some of her colleagues in the movie industry has refuted the claims from Ghanaians and had said that, these people are actors and might be acting for all you. But yet still, Ghanaians are not fully convinced with that, and believe there’s more to that.


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