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An enormously self-inspired young man, Alfred Otoo, who is knowledgeable in his course of work is set to launch his first ever riveting and captivating book on the world shelves. The author seeks not only to influence young individuals positively through his writings, but to also change the mindset and hasten decisions many young people make today.

Alfred Otoo is a Minister of the Gospel, a heartfelt Social Worker, an unshakable Entrepreneur, a fearless Public Speaker and a Life Coach. He fellowships at Triumph Centre Assembly of God, Dzorwulu, where he serves as a Youth Organizer. He is also a proud product of the premier University of Ghana, Legon, where he majored in Social Work.

Mr. Alfred Otoo.

The learned author is the president and founder of ‘Therapeutic Solutions Community’ (a fast growing youth learning hub), He has a clear vision to help the youth discover their purpose and grow to become meaningful and ethical citizens to society and to the world at large.

He has been an advocate for the youth over the years and he believes that, the youth is the future leaders who can take up the next generation’s mantle. His unending passion for the youth led him to create his thriving business; ‘The Therapeutic Solutions Community,’ which has been helping a lot of youngsters since 2020. During the COVID-19 pandamic era, he unleashed an untouchable impact as he organized weekly educative talks by connecting professionals, and men of expertise to handle relevant youth topics.

The God fearing young lad is also a life changing coach who believes in holistic development. He develops on diverse areas that significantly affect humans, especially the youngsters. The areas he major on include; spiritual, economic/business, emotional/personal development, relationships (love) and social interaction (human relation skills).

He also has his own personal life coaching platform where he yearns to guide the youth to make relevant decisions. He has had the opportunity to speak at physical and virtual youth conferences, enabling him to share his gifts and nuggets of wisdom to all.

About the book.

“This book is specially designed for the youth. It contains nuggets that can propel the younger generation to self discover usefulness.

I captured five important areas of decision making. These areas include, the spiritual, emotional, economic, social and love relationship/ marriage. The choices you make in any of these affect you in one way or the other. Since we do not have power over the consequences of our choices, we must be mindful of our walk through the journey of life.

I further dealt with the ingredients of success, coupled with understanding the value of human beings and how to get the best in people. Life is worth living. Every choice matters. You can make a difference and stand out. Grab a copy so we can journey together.”

The long awaited launch is set to take place at the Africana Guest House (opp TF Hostel, UG-Legon on Saturday, 2nd July, 2022 at 2:00pm. There will be a short panel discussion during the launch and an interview with the author, Alfred Otoo about the book to give the anticipated audience (readers) an insight of the book.

The launch seeks to host dignitaries from all walks of life; we have the Special Guest of honour in the person of Mr. Cromwell Awadey who is the Regional Director for AGCM Greater Accra West, as well as the Executive Director for International Needs Ghana. We are also privileged to warmly welcome the Head Pastor of Triumph Center Assembly of God, Dzorwulu-Accra, in the person of Rev Frank Asomani.

Alfred Otoo is a passionate young man who has foresight; he promises nothing but the best for his readers in his evergreen book. Watch out for him because he will definitely blow your mind through his delightful and riveting writings, you should grab a copy.

Viviv Direction to the place.

Few meters from Atomic junction. Depending on where you are coming from, when you board a Madina car, you will alight at Atomic, then you walk for few minutes to the location, it’s on your right hand side. Should you face any hurdle on your way, you can as well contact any of the numbers on the flyer for assistance.

For more information on the book launch or any other thing, you can contact us on +233 24 753 0980/ +233 24 245 2057/ +233 24 144 2409. You can as well WhatsApp +233 57 600 6783 for inquiries on donations and reservations.



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