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Ghana’s most popular and big time actress of all, Jackie Appiah has slammed her breathtaking luxurious mansion on social media which got Ghanaians talking.

The humble and selfless actress has been under low key as mostly said in Ghana—which means; being quiet and not talking to be noticed or showing off your earned possessions. The actress was and still trending on Twitter as the number one trend after a video from her plush mansion located at Trassaco estate near East Legon in Accra sprung up on social media.

In the video, it showed that, she was taking her Nigerian friend; actress Luchy Donalds on a beautiful tour in her house after she paid a visit in Ghana recently. Luchy Donalds was mouth gaped by the magnificent building of the Ghanaian actress as she showered accolades on the Ghanaian actress for putting up such a huge edifice.

For her, Jackie Appiah’s Villa, as she called it is not an ordinary mansion but actually a castle. As she was full of amusement to the brim, Luchy displayed many parts of the mansion to Ghanaians which they had never set their naked eyes on before on social media.

Jackie Appiah is one humble actress who loves traveling around the world as a heartfelt hobby. She is one who wouldn’t show off her possessions easily, she is a real definition of stardom.

In Jackie’s Bedroom; One of the spaces the Nigerian actress showcased was actually a bedroom meant for kings in the video.


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