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Whenever we wake up from sleep, we work tirelessly towards achieving the goals, objectives and priorities we set. We hustle and take risks just to achieve something meaningful in life. We also put in more efforts and go the extra mile to get to the desired final destination, which is success.

In the course of attaining such desired priorities and goals, we at times face challenges which break down our fighting spirits and cause the levels of our confidence, hope and determination to dwindle. Sometimes people make comments, which tend to discourage us from proceeding with whatever thing we have passion for.

It gets to a point where you inch closer to making that goal, you have been working towards, a reality and before you could say jack, it crushes into shambles. I know how it feels to have something you yearn for and have committed yourself to fail at the very end. My candid advice to my dear brethren is that, we shouldn’t think or say a man has failed or will fail forever just because he has fallen today, for it is only a test of his faith in Christ.

For when one door closes, another door opens, and when the world forsakes you, the SUPREME FATHER shall always be by your side. When one opportunity goes down the drain, a better one shows up. There is always a chance to rise up again and make amends when you fall! Do not throw in the towel just yet my dear friends for there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!!



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