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All the speculations and guessing on who was going to take Tracey Boakye away from spinsterhood has finally come to an end with a splendid, unforgettable wedding ceremony. The Ghanaian actress and movie producer together with her husband, Frank Badu Ntiamoah, exchanged their vows in a ceremony in Kumasi on Thursday, July 29, 2022. This makes them the newest couple in town.

Various social media platforms have been flooded with videos and images that captured various angles and aspects of the ceremonies.
The stunning bride maintained her title as the lady of the day with her beautiful set of wedding outfits, which had a touch of simplicity and royalty, and had all eyes stayed on her.

During the traditional wedding, Tracey is seen wearing a smile that complemented her stylish Kente outfit. One could easily make out her figure through the decently knitted outfit. Her simple makeup and elegant hairstyle were the final icing on the cake making her the centre of attraction at the ceremony.

Frank, on the other hand, wrapped himself in a green kente that matched his wife’s stunning apparel. As accessories, the groom had on beads and a pair of slippers (Ahenema)

The freshest couple in town are seen having the time of their lives as they dance together on the dancefloor amidst the splashing on of money by the wedding guests.

Tracey wore a white laced gown which accentuated her features. She wore a blonde wig for that look which was neatly held at the back with a hair accessory.

Frank is seen sporting a 3-piece blue coloured suit for the wedding ceremony. As things got heated up, Frank took of his coat and revealing his blue vest and the white long-sleeved shirt inside.

Tracey Boakye’s bridal shower, which took place on the night of Tuesday, July 26 2022, was precedent to the traditional wedding and white wedding. The event was simply breath-taking and had some of Tracey’s friends having fun. In a video Tracey is seen being embraced by her close friends. They crowned her as a bride and a wife-to-be with a bridal sash.


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