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The Sports Baze Show is an upcoming YouTube sports programme hosted by an ingenious student sports journalist from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Owusu Andy Samuel. This show promises to be exceptional and enlightening. We will tackle issues of concern in the world of sports while giving routine updates on happenings in the terrain.

This programme will cover all sporting events and games such as football, basketball, tennis, athletics and others. I entreat all viewers to relax and expect more because the Sports Baze Show is bringing you something bigger and better. With the Sports Baze Show, utmost credibility, accuracy and entertainment is guaranteed. Meet Any Owusu, your sports Journalist.

Your Sports Journalist, Andy Owusu Samuel.

Dear viewers, kindly endeavour to subscribe to our YouTube channel (Andy Oppong Online TV). Like, share and leave a comment on our various posts on our page. As we take a dive into the world of sports, let’s keep the 🔥 fire burning and enjoy a bit of everything life has offered to us.


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