How To Replace Your Missing WASSCE Certificate

How do I replace my missing WASSCE certificate? WAEC Doesn’t contact people to upgrade their results.

I have lost my WASSCE certificate, how do I get it back? 

This question keeps flooding my inbox. Let’s address it today.

Truth is, WAEC does not issue duplicate or double certificates. After they’ve given you the first one, that ends it. 

Tell you heart to stop jumping like that before they say Hon. Jerry Akporhohor has killed someone with high blood pressure. All hope is not lost. There’s another way out. 

In as much as they don’t give duplicate certificates, they give attestation to the results which is also as valid as the results itself. Hope you are cool now? 

This is what you have to do.  

You have to either go to WAEC office to apply or you apply online at a cost not less than GH300. 

You would need your index number, a valid ID, a passport photo etc. The website

Remember, WAEC does not contact people to upgrade their results. Anyone who claims to have upgraded your results is deceiving you. That result can take you somewhere and verification would bring you back. I know what I’m talking about. 

Good luck and follow me for more information

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