Ronaldo Is Ignorant And Does Respect Team-Mates.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been labelled “ignorant” by Pasquale Bruno, with the former Juventus defender of the opinion that the Portuguese superstar lacks respect for both his team-mates and the country of Italy as a whole

Despite his advancing years, the 35-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down since his arrival, doing his fair share of graft and bagging plenty of goals to help the Bianconeri to back-to-back Serie A titles.

But, while the Portugal captain’s talent is unquestioned, Bruno believes that a refusal to learn Italian throughout his two years in the country smacks of a lack of respect for the rest of the Juventus squad and general public in his new home.

“He is ignorant,” the 58-year-old said during an appearance on Tiki Taka. “He has been in Italy for two years and has not yet learned to speak our language. He uses Spanish to express himself. He has no respect for his team-mates or for the Italians.

Ronaldo is unlikely to be affected by those comments, however, with Juan Cuadrado stating at the recent Champions Leagues pre-match press conference that the attacker is a model professional who helps to drive his team forward.

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