Date rush is a pre-recorded reality show on TV3 which entails ladies and gentlemen coming on the stand to find love. At the end of every season, a reunion show is held where contestants who had dates are invited to share their experiences, how their relationships are faring and if they see a future together.

The Host of the show.

However, this year’s reunion edition was divided into two phases, the first phase which happened yesterday, with the next phase coming up next week. We will direct are focus on the first phase where three pairs of contestants who secured dates were called to the stand to bring out their experiences with respect to the reunion show one group after the other.

The episode had a renowned counselor being present to counsel these contestants:Mr. Kweku Adumatta. In the course of the reunion event, contestants came up, they shared their experiences but the sad part of this was that, vulgar words were used by contestants against their fellow mates.

Contestants with the host.

Some defamed the ego of others through their expressions and we can link this to the “15 cedis saga” where one of the ladies claimed that her date requested for an amount of 15 cedis from her while she gave him 50 cedis.
According to the counsellor invited for the reunion,these contestants had total disregard for each other which is very bad as far a stable relationship is concerned.

He also counselled them on what they need to do in order to have a sustainable relationship devoid of misunderstandings, problems and challenges.
The next phase will also come up next week and we hope these bad behaviours do not repeat themselves.

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