Andy Oppong Dankyi is an upcoming journalist and a motivational speaker who is ambitious, hardworking, smart, passionate and has the aim of bringing to light hidden information about all aspects of human life. He is currently schooling at the only prestigious communication school in West Africa, Ghana Institute of Journalism.

A new dimension of Journalist.

The Campus Show is a new Youtube show championed by Andy Oppong and his supportive team which is aimed at unravelling and bringing to our viewers compelling and captivating contents, filling existing gaps in our society and gaining more insight into issues.

We are coming soon.

On the Campus Show, students from various universities will be brought to the stand to elucidate and articulate their opinions on issues which inform, educate, entertain and are of great concern to the public as far as the youth and students from universities are concerned. Follow us on social media, let’s get social.

Let’s get social, follow us for more news.

Prepare your seats and keep up your expectations high, because the campus show is here to satisfy your curiosity, bring you the best of news and also transform our developing society for the better. Watch out for Andy Oppong Online TV on YouTube and keep the fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 burning. Andy Oppong Online TV – Authenticity, Factual and Trustworthy is our Hallmark.

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