The Ghana Institute of Journalism will soon reveal its week of celebration with respect to the Students Representative Council (SRC). The week entails extra curricular activities held for students to help them ease stress from their academic work. It is championed by the SRC in collaboration with the management of this prestigious Institute to make it a success (GIJ).

Undoubtedly, the Ghana Institute of Journalism is the best communication school in West Africa. The Ghana Institute of Journalism was established on 16 October 1959 by Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah had a vision to train a patriotic cadre corps of journalists to play an effective role in the emancipation of the African continent hence established the Ghana Institute of Journalism.


The SRC Week Celebration is set to happen very soon, keep the anticipation going higher and ease down your stress in wait for the celebration, the date, and activities will be communicated to you soon at the stipulated time.

Some activities which will come up in the week celebration include debates, singing contests, sports activities and what have. Participation in all activities is optional and not compulsory for all students, it is a choice. All SRC week celebrations conducted over the years have been full of excitements but this year’s edition will be splendid, captivating and the best among all.

Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Watch out for this year’s edition of the SRC week celebration and never miss it because it is a fully packed undertaking program which will keep you excited and relieve you from stress involving your tedious academic work, you need to pass through, cause I will.

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