They say leaders are the most intelligent and brilliant people you could ever find, but that’s a wrong notion. It doesn’t happen in all cases, some are half-baked learners, others are below the average belt, and very others too, are extremely good at what they do. As a leader, you are to be endowed with the requisite knowledge, wisdom and understanding to lead your subordinates in whatever field you field yourself.

In an interview I had with a colleague of mine at Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), who also doubles as an interim committee member and a course representative, on the Campus Show enlightened me on the purposes of an interim committee, and the need to go in for leadership roles among a host of other benefits pertaining to leadership circle .

The art of leading people doesn’t come on a silver platter, it’s very tedious to do such a work, if you don’t have the heart (patience), and the readiness for it. People are versatile, they as well come in different lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors. But in all, as a leading, you must be patient with each and everyone to work with them all and accomplish the group’s goals. Leaders are very rare in our setting here in Ghana.

Aside the challenges that this bring, being a leader comes with tons of great benefits you are your entitle to enjoy. You are not only going to learn how to work with different people and manage all kinds of people, but you are also going to develop your public speaking skills and horn to sharpen your leadership skills within you.


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I will entreat you all to do your possible best to go in for leadership roles wherever you find yourself , if you can. You can make, and I know you know that.

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