What Is An Election? (2020)


What are your expectations for Dec 7 elections? Do you know what an election is? Are you well endowed with your political rights under the 1992 Constitution. Let’s discuss about elections in this episode. Election is the formal or legitimate process of selecting a person or a group of people for a public office.


Election is the formal or legitimate process of selecting a person or a group of people for a public office.

A Ballot Box.


Although elections were used in ancient Athens, in Rome, and in the selection of popes and Holy Roman emperors, the origins of elections in the contemporary world lie in the gradual emergence of representative government in Europe and North America beginning in the 17th century.

Electorates Casting Their Votes.

At that time, the holistic notion of representation characteristic of the Middle Ages was transformed into a more individualistic conception, one that made the individual the critical unit to be counted. For example, the British Parliament was no longer seen as representing estates, corporations, and vested interests but was rather perceived as standing for actual human beings.

Structure Of Ghana’s Electoral System

The 1992 constitution of Ghana stipulates how elections are conducted in the country. The only institution responsible for the conduction of elections in Ghana is the ELECTORAL COMMISSION. The electoral Commission derives all its powers from the 1992 Constitution. Ghana practices an electoral system called FIRST- PAST – THE – POST where the candidate with the highest number of votes wins the election. Ghana elects on national level a head of state, the president, and a legislature.

Electorates Voting.

The president is elected for a four-year term by the people. The Parliament of Ghana has 275 members, elected for a four-year term in single-seat constituencies.The presidential election is won by having more than 50% of valid votes cast, whilst the parliamentary elections is won by simple majority. The constitution stipulates that all citizens of eighteen years and above with sound mind qualifies to vote in all elections.


So are you eighteen years and above, and of a sound mind, then you are eligible for voting. You have the right and it’s your responsibility to add your voice to electing our leaders by voting. Make sure you vote wisely, because your vote is your power.

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