The International Youth Empowerment Summit has finally taken place on its first day as scheduled. For months, weeks and days, you have waited and anticipated, and the conference came as expected.

The conference which has been in existence for the past 7 years now, was scheduled for 12th and 13th August, 2021, took off at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), at their auditorium in Accra. The conference was power packed today as the speakers on bill poured out their hearts as they did not only preached, but imparted unto us the wisdom, knowledge, motivation and all we need to know and do as young people, and not to give up in life.

The conference was in two sessions; there was a morning session, which took off at 8:30am and ended 2 hours after midday. Then, the second session, which commenced at exactly 6:00pm and came to a close at 10:00pm

The conference was graced with great powerful men of God and influential personalities as well. We had the likes of Pastor Brian Amoateng, the visionary personality behind the iYES Conference, Hon Akudjato Ablakwa, MP for North Tong, Dr. Frank Ofosu Appiah, these were speakers for the morning session. Then, the evening session, we had the likes of Prophet Sampson Amoateng, very own brother of Pastor Brian Amoateng, and God’s own servant, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh. Both sessions were such a blessing and very impactful. This is an excerpt of what they imparted.

Some few celebrity and media personally also passed through, Ms Nancy, the author of Steeze, Pastor Pascal Amanfo, Mr. Timothy Bentu, Salma Mumi, KobbyKyei, the blogger, just to mention a few.



1. Fear or failure: Failure is part of the success ladder. If you are not ready to fail, then you are not ready to succeed. “He failed, and never gave up.”

2. Fear of criticism: Whatever thing you do, people will talk about it, let the talk. Never let criticism get to your heart, and praises to your mind.

3. Low self-esteem: If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. Fear of criticism, will lead you to low self-esteem. “I believe in myself.” You become proud when you forget when God picked you from.

4. Lack of self motivation: Practice self motivation. You need self motivation in all you do. Start to motivate yourself and don’t wait for others to keep you motivated.

5. Overestimating one’s self: Never limit yourself in doing whatever is on your heart. Work on yourself and enjoy the process to grow. “Enjoying your youth and wasting your future.”


Hon. Akudjato Ablakwa celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, 11th August, 2021, and from IYES, Pastor Brian Amoateng cut a cake with him.

*You should be very active on social media. There be there for being there sake, use it as a channel to elevate whatever that you are doing.

*You do not leave the managements of the county to one person, we must all be involved.

*The current 1992 constitution must be amended.

*Let’s be careful of how we choose our leaders.

*More young Christian activist in politics.

*We are going to actively participate in the force that will change our lives.

*Don’t keep all that you learnt here alone, share with others.

*Let’s challenge ourselves to do more.



1. Find a good leader and follow them: You must learn to stand on the shoulders of those ahead of you. Find somebody, who has done something, who is impacting, and follow them. EXPOSURE!!! Exposure expands your expectations.

2. Observe the leader: When you hang around leaders and you see their shortcomings; don’t laugh, mock, dishonor but observe them, and appreciate them.

3. Learn to serve then leader: Serving is the labor ward where success is given birth to. The way up, is the way down. Serve faithfully.


Prophet Sampson Amoateng is such a man of wisdom with few words. He spoke for short and we used the rest of his time to pray.

Scriptures: Romans 8:29, Exodus 8:28, 2 Samuel 6:11, Matthew 23:2

• Life is all about assignment. I am necessary.

• There’s a space for everyone, there is one for you.


1. Get your priorities right.

2. Don’t be disrburbed and distracted by current situations. “It’s better to be graced than to be great.”

3. Stay focused.

4. Learn to keep other people’s confidentiality.

5. Learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes. “Two set of people I don’t need to prove a point to; my enemy

6. Learn to be content with yourself.

7. Don’t waste your energy, trying to make a statement. “Leave it to God to fight, don’t fight back.”

8. Learn to be bigger than people’s foolish. “Spirituality is maturity, and maturity is spirituality.”

9. Learn not to get force to control everything. “Love yourself.”

10. Learn to let those who don’t stand with you go.

11. Don’t you ever complicate your life. What do you do in your secret place.

Such a great and and an honor to have such an experience of the first day of the conference, tomorrow is another day,. You can’t afford to miss tomorrow, the likes of H.S, the Vice President of the Republic Of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister for Information and MP for Ofoase Ayerebi among powerful and influential people will grace the conference tomorrow, so tell a friend to to tell another, and come in your numbers and be blessed that you are came.

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