Black Love Virtual Concert Has Been Crashed.

Sarkodie’s much-anticipated Black Love Virtual Concert dated for tonight, August 16, 2020, is attracting massive viewership all over the world.

However, the traffic from many expectant viewers of the virtual show has caused the website to sort of go down over bandwidth issues.

The official streaming website for the show, CEEK, have however released a statement following the problem and has assured fans that normalcy would soon be restored. They took to Twitter to post: “Due to massive traffic we are aware some people are not able to connect. Standby the show will begin shortly.” A photo of traffic sources for the Concert has showed that Ghana is in the lead.

The tweet to this effect read: “#SarkNation shut the web down. Due to overwhelming traffic we are having some technical issues. Please standby we are working to resolve this.

1.5 million at once with more coming.” Sarkodie’s Black Love concert has been hyped for a long time and has a number of top Ghanaian stars making appearances.

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