Sekyere Amankwaa: Funeral Poster Of Kumawood Actor Pops Up

A funeral poster for Kumawood actor Sekyere Amankwa has popped up on social media leaving many Ghanaians shocked. He is dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a blazer on top while locking his sets of fingers together.

While he is widely known as Sekyere Amankwah, the poster which has been headlined as ‘What A Shock’, captures his name as Akwasi Mensah. The funeral poster also puts the supposedly deceased man’s age at 37 years old.

The actor has always been known as Sekyere Amankwah and not Akwasi Mensah. Even if Sekyere Amankwah was a name for showbiz, it would have been put on the poster as an alias if it were true.

Moreover, no report has been made of his sickness or sudden death as it is usually the case when such popular people pass away.

It is, therefore, hard for us to believe that this a real funeral poster and not one of the avenues to garner attention for an upcoming movie.

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