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The media as we all know primarily serves as instruments which inform, educate, entertain and keep the government on its toes. The media is also generally portrayed in Ghana as the fourth estate or organ of government based on the great role it has played in the development of the country.
The media however face a lot of challenges in the course of their various endeavors which includes intimidations, abuse of their rights and abductions among others. Ghanaians now see journalism as a risky job due to the fact that journalists are badly treated in the country.
A journalist working with Accra based Citi TV/FM, Caleb Kudah, was arrested on Tuesday, May 11 by the National Security on the grounds that he was unlawfully filming a number of abandoned vehicles at a restricted area that is the Ministry of National Security and sending the recordings to a colleague journalist by name Zoe Abu Baidoo Addo at the pretense of waiting for someone.

Citi T.V Journalists, Caleb Kudah and Zoe Abu Baidoo

Finding Zoe Abu Baidoo Addo as an ally, some armed men from the National Security stormed Citi tv premises at Adabraka to arrest Zoe claiming that she had declined the call to appear before the National Security for interrogation. According to Zoe, she did not neglect the security’s call up rather she wanted to consult the Citi tv media management team before heading to the arena where she was needed. Zoe was manhandled and forcefully apprehended by these security operatives which is very appalling and a threat to our democracy.
Caleb recounting his experience in the custody of the National Security indicated that he was handcuffed tightly, slapped, kicked in the groin and also received heavy punches from these armed men. He also disclosed that he felt dizzy and restless at a point due to the effects the assaults had on him.

Caleb Kudah

These recent happenings have sparked up fears in other media men and women who are doing everything to rid this country from corruption, incompetency and waywardness of state officials who are supposed to owe allegiance to citizens who gave them the mandate to access power and run the affairs of the country.
Where are the laws of this country?, where is this country heading to?, what is government doing about this?

Are we going to sit down and relax in our homes watching journalists get brutalized, assaulted and abused? No, we must all rise up in one accord to seek justice for Caleb and Zoe and other journalists whose rights have been trampled upon.


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