I Was Not Given Hearing By EC – Kofi Gane.

December 7th is around the corner and it’s sure to house the 2020 Presidential and parliamentary elections. Filing of nominations has taken place and the list of presidential aspirants going for head to head was released yesterday.

The Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah released the results of those who qualified and those who didn’t yesterday, 19th October, 2020. In all, 5 presidential aspirants were disqualified in the December 7th elections.

Mr. Kofi Gane, a disqualified presidential aspirant has levelled an allegation to the EC for not hearing him out. The EC with her committee didn’t call him, although they had his number. They didn’t write to him, although they could and they didn’t communicate with him too as well.

Mr. Kofi Gane is bent on speaking with the EC to find out what actually made them disqualify him.

What actually will result in Mr. Kofi Gane getting back to the EC for more findings about what made him disqualified. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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