Ghana’s Public Debt Hits 263 Billion Cedis.

Someone would say, the rate at which Ghana borrows from other countries and organizations is not something good to write home about.

The rate at which Ghana owes stands at 263 Billion cedis. Over the years, Ghana has borrowed from other countries and organizations as usual, but there is a fall and rise at which Ghana borrows.

The total public debt is as follows from the past years; in the year 2013, the total public debt Ghana owed was 50.9 debt, falling below 30.0%.

And to the following year, in 2014, Ghana owed a total of 79.0 debt which put Ghana right below 30.0%.

In 2015, maybe there would be a change, and things will go to normalcy. But that attempt proved futile. In the year 2015, the total debt Ghana owed was 100.2, which places Ghana at exactly on the 30.0%.

The year that followed suit, 2016. The total debt is basically obvious that there will be an increase again. The total debt was 122.6 debt which puts Ghana right above 30.0% and way below 60.0%.

In 2017, the following year. Total public debt was 142.5 debt which also falls under the 60.0%. With regards to 2018, the next year. The total public debt in Ghana was 175.2 debt meaning, Ghana was right below the 60.0%.

The year 2019 has an increased debt. The public total debt was 218.2 debt which was right above the 60.0%.

And the last year, which is the year we are still in, is having a vast total different of the subsequent years. The debt is 262.1 which puts Ghana somewhere in the middle of 90.0%.

So the above show us how Ghana owes and the public debt it has from the previous years.

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