I have never disputed the fact that, dressing decently can make you smart and earn something worthwhile. One of my role models said, “dress decently in the way that your career or profession requires.” I was very grateful and impacted when I heard that, and since then, I have never look back. We don’t only dress decent to gain respect from others, but also to be fulfilled and feel good with whatever that we are wearing.

In an interview with a colleague at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), who doubles up as a course representative let me in on why and how she always dresses decently in her possible best to inspire her. She later narrated to me how two of her course colleagues have walked up to her to commend her, they really admire the way she dresses; both male and female.

I just don’t understand why people will wear anything at all to anywhere, especially ladies of today. Showing all vital places that needs to be kept away from devouring eyes of some men. The rate at which people put on anything to programs, occasions, event and among a host of them is at its peak and very appealing to talk about. They just wear what at all their hands finds in their closet.

Watch full video here.

Well, “even though appearance they say is deceptive and you cannot judge a book by its cover,” l think that the way we dress speaks a lot about us in so many ways. The way we dress go a long way, even to our personality.

It also warrants our treatment; either good or bad. Even in English Language, there is something called formal letters and informal letters; thus formal and informal ways to speak.
The same applies to our way of dressing. For example, one dressed to be seen as a Minister, whiles another dressed and seen as a prostitute.
Therefore, the way we dress speaks a lot, and influences others to treat us accordingly.

But as a young gentleman and a lady, you are required and much expected to dress appropriately to the function you are attending. So doing, you might not know, you will be really inspiring someone, or teaching someone the best clothes to wear for specific functions, and I am sure they will be most grateful to you forever as in the case of my colleague who I interviewed.

So, I entreat all of you guys to do your possible best to dress very appropriately and decently. Wear the clothes you have, but make them look decent as ever. Do and deal with the little and low fashion you have, but make the come out as bright as you would make people see.

Dressing speaks a lot about you in public. People usually address us by the way we dress. For instance, when you spot a lady well dressed with her hijab, you quickly address the person as a Muslim without anyone telling you so. So for me, your personality speaks in your dressing, so dress appropriately at the appropriate time and place.

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