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Miss Karen Oyoe Riches Quartey, is a prime product impact of the life changing conference, the International Youth Empowerment Summit (iYES), a young, bold and confident lady, doing so much for her community, from the first time she joined the conference since 2017.

Miss Oyoe Riches, is just 18years of age and she is doing very well in her vicinity. She is currently at the Accra College Of Education, studying JHS education. She is also the leader and founder of the “Oyoe Riches Foundation,” which was birth out when she first attended the IYES Conference for the first time in 2017, and in 2019, she asked a daring question which sparked all this vision to materialized and impact unto others.

When she got this vision through the devouring question she asked, she then took another bold step to see the President of the IYES Conference, Pastor Brian Amoateng, about the dream she has for a community, and Pastor Brian Amoateng being a youth lover and impact seeker, he decided to help. But, Prophet Daniel Amoateng fully sponsored Miss Oyoe Riches on her path to change her community with his, Daniel Amoateng Foundation.

Miss Oyoe Riches is from the Afuaman community in the Ga West Municipality. After the back and forth on the preparation and what actually to do in the Afuaman community, Miss Oyoe Riches decided on training her community on soap making and make-up artistry. This initiative happened on the 22nd January, 2021 in the Afuaman community, in the Ga West Municipality.

The initiative was very impactful and it changed a lot in the community as they learnt new things. The initiative has gone a long way to inspire lives and change many, and more is yet to come.

Her main focus for embarking on this project in her community is to help her fellow residents and other people in her community who have one way or the other indulge in the act of smoking, stealing, prostitution among a host of them.

She tells me, in the next decade, she wishes to see herself and her foundation get to other areas to unleash the same impact there. She believes her community shouldn’t be the only place she can impact, but other people at other places as well need this training, her foundation will provide more skills for these people, most especially, the young ones in the various communities she will get the opportunity to reach out.


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