Something horrific has occurred in the Kodjonya Millennium Presbyterian Junior High School in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern region, causing the school to be temporarily closed down. This incident took place on Wednesday, August 11 when a cutlass-wielding young man stormed the school in an attempt to attack a teacher.

The teacher is a National service teacher who was posted to the school to teach, had to summon a student to order together with other students for wrongful misconduct and with this happening, the student goes home and reports to his elder brother about the punishment meted out to him after signing a bond of good behavior.

Upon hearing the news, the student’s brother makes his way into the school, barges into the designated class of his sibling without permission and sits with him on his desk. He then, glances at the National service teacher undertaking his duty.
Seeing a stranger in the class, the teacher orders the man out, but he refuses and maintains the position he was in.

To overcome this provocation from an unknown man, the teacher steps out of the class to prevent any uprising incident which might disrupt the peaceful nature of the school. The man then rushes home, takes a machete and goes back to the school to attack the teacher but the surprising thing is that, the teacher was not present at that stipulated time.

The management of the school hearing about this, decided to bring academic activities to a halt for the matter to be resolved. The Parent-Teacher Association, School Management Committee, and the chiefs and elders in the community together with the police pressurized the parents of the suspect to produce him which they complied. The Odumase Police Commander, Superintendent Doris Hutikpor, indicates that the suspect and his brother are currently in Police Custody.

According to Star News , this is not the first time such an incident has happened in the school.
Some teachers have been assaulted and threatened in previous incidents in which the Ghana Education Service intervened to avert boycott of academic work by teachers.

The PTA Chairman of the school, Mr. Joseph Tetteh Wayo, told Starr news efforts are ongoing to ensure that the teachers resume work on Monday. He admitted that threats on the lives of teachers are becoming one too many due to indiscipline and deviancy in the community.

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