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The free SHS is an educational policy proposed and implemented by the NPP government in 2017 and according to the Chief Executive Officer of this geographical jurisdiction, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.

H.S Nana Addo

This initiative has been successful as far as the welfare and needs of students to be in school and learn is concerned. He gave this speech while he was at the 70th anniversary of the Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO) over the weekend.

The free SHS initiative was part of the ruling party’s (NPP) manifesto prior to the 2016 elections, that is most Ghanaians, guaranteed them their assurance on the seat at parliament as the ruling party.

Students benefiting from the Free SHS policy.

The policy was brought into session when President Akuffo Addo was voted into power together with the other members of the executive.

Granting access to free and affordable education and creating a better life for SHS students also, has been the main target for the introduction of this policy from the year 2017 up till date.

Due to this intervention, the woes of financially unstable parents have been stripped off since their wards are being enrolled to the schools of their choices without paying any huge sums of money for admission as other folks used to.

The enormous tuition fees and other expenses by the students have been taken by the President under this policy. What these students ought to do is to just secure academic materials and get ready for school, and amidst the challenges of it all, the policy has not been scrapped off.


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