Life, life, life is a tough race full of ups and downs. Have you ever wondered what the term “life” means? No, I know such a far-fetched an idea has never popped up in your mind before.

Well, in this article, I am going to thoroughly examine what life really means and how I perceive it to be. People say life is very tough, it is full of hardships, unending sufferings and they wish they could put an end to it, but others say life is full of sweet memories, it depicts a time of gigantic success, exploration and a period of marvellous turnaround.

People have different mindsets pertaining life but to me, life goes beyond what we see and perceive for it to be. In my view, life is a divine chance which centres on how we live as humans, what we do, our perceptions to it, beliefs we have towards it, aspirations, relations and inward potentials among others.

We have people being born into families which have the golden spoon as their hallmark (a class of affluence), and others being born into abject poverty ( finding for the day’s meal is like bringing heaven down and sending earth up) infested families.

I put out a resounding question to you, fellow Ghanaians. Is it people’s fate or destinies to find themselves in such positions?

This world is guided by positivity and negativity in all spheres of life and each individual either opts for the right or wrong path. We all want to see ourselves rise to the apex of success but have we thought about how our dreams could be achieved?

There is a saying which goes, “acquiring genuine success in life needs hard work and determination.’’ You could be a brilliant individual but if you do not put in the requisite efforts, you won’t reap the satisfied results.

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