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Drug abuse has become a destructive weapon as far as the welfare of the youth of this 21st century is concerned.

Drugs are taken based on medical prescription but today, individuals use them without seeking for any sort of guide from a health expert or practitioner which is a bad activity to indulge in.

Tramadol, marijuana, weed and cocaine are lethal drugs which have endangered the lives of young people, especially boys of today. While some individuals are influenced by friends to indulge in smoking and abusing drugs, others are enticed by their own desires to engage in the act.

Some individuals also involve themselves in these awkward acts due to bad upbringing from their parents. You go into the streets and you see young boys and girls taking in tramadol excessively, smoking weed/cigarettes and you ask yourself, why is this happening to these children who are supposed to be in class studying but get no answers in return.

The painful aspect of this matter is that, when these individuals take in these illegal drugs, they are compelled to engage in acts which go contrary to the laws of the constitution and society such as robberies, murder, fights etc.

The youth of today are fond of abusing drugs which is nothing good to write home about. The development of a country depends on the youth so when they waste their lives and time on drugs, what are is the country going to achieve at the end of the day? This is a question left, gaping.

Someone may ask, what can we do to remedy this problem? Well, we need to adopt vital measures worthy of helping curb this situation as far as the betterment of the youth is concerned.

Institutions such as the media, religious organizations, parents and the narcotics board need to educate the youth sternly on the negative effects of abusing drugs and the need to avoid them.

Strict punishments should also be imposed on individuals who are caught using drugs in wrong proportions to serve as a deterrent to others.

Drug abuse is not the right thing do so I entreat each and every person to abstain from it in order to live a better live which can be emulated by others. MY FINAL WORD TO YOU IS “ACT RESPONSIBLY.”


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