Did You Partake In The Just Ended Voters Registration Exercise?

In electoral systems, voter registration (or enrollment) is the requirement that a person otherwise eligible to vote must register (or enroll) on an electoral roll before they will be entitled or permitted to vote. The rules governing registration vary between jurisdictions. The compilation of the Voters Registration takes place every 4 years in the country. The last time it was held here in Ghana was in 2016.

It is very mandatory of every patriotic citizen to vote in a general election in the country to elect its government for ruling the country. But before they can be able to vote,they should turn 18 years,should be of sound mind and eligible to register their names in the Electoral Commission’s Voter’s registration.

The Electoral Commission Of Ghana.

It’s been four years on already since it was last held in 2016 in Ghana. The E.C, Jane Mensah,authorized the registration to begin on Tuesday,30th June,2020 and it’s ended on Thursday,6th August,2020. Some few days away from the just ended voter’s registration. Whether you registered in the previous registration held in 2016 in the country or not,you were expected to register again for the period the exercise went on.

The Electoral Commission,which is in charge of all elections that take place in the country went to every constituency in the country to register every electorate. The first phase,batch one began on Tuesday,30th June,2020 and ended on Sunday,5th July,2020. Right after that,the second batch of the registration began on Monday,6th July,2020 and also ended on Saturday,11th July,2020 and went on with the same procedure as the first batch.

Voters Registration Ending On 6th August,2020.

I took my registration in the middle of July,and I must commend the officers at that constituency for still observing high strict social distancing and all precautionary protocols. I know of a few that murmured and stood up against registering,due to the long line of queue among others. But whether there was a long queue or not,the most important thing is to register which I successfully accomplished at the end of the day.

I Successfully Took My Voter’s Registration.

Quite a substantial number of people didn’t register. The Minister of Education,Hon.Matthew Opoku Premprem went to register. He emphasized on the fact that the social distancing protocol was adhered to in the constituency when he went to register at the Apagyafie-Ash Town Registration Center,in the Manhyia South Constituency. He later urged all Ghanaians,who have turned 18 and were of sound mind to go and register during the registration.

Hon.Matthew Opoku Premprem,Minister For Education.

The Minister for Information,Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah,who also doubles up as the MP for the Ayeribi Ofoase Constituency, also took his registration. The Minister also expressed his profound appreciation to the citizens within the constituency where he went to register,for them following the precautionary measures that were put in place to mitigate the novel virus.

The Information Minister,Hon.Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.

Aside registering to enable all of us to vote in the 2020 general Election,others also have their own percliar reason for obtaining the voters ID Card.

Are you one of them,what reason did you also had as you went to register? Let me know your thoughts and answers in the comment section below.

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