Patapaa in critical condition again.

Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa Amisty is an African hiplife musician, songwriter and comedian. The Sensational hiplife artists is allegedly been poisoned. 

News merging from Agona Swedru isn’t satisfactory at all to the general public and the music fraternity as a whole.

According to an eyewitness, patapaa was out yesterday in the late hours of 21:15GMT with some close friends. On their way he spotted some of his fans who where hyping, shouting and chanting his name After he was seen drinking with them in a spot in Sweduru.

 They had fan with him, getting close to 00:00 GMT. He decided to get home for rest, all of a sudden he fell off and started vomiting. He was quickly rushed to a private hospital at Agona Sweduro

Considering his condition, his body has completely changed to dark. As at now he is being on a drip at the hospital while doctors are seriously on him to safe his life.A group of Ghanaians are alleging he is faking his sickness to hype his music video clip he recently produced.

Some group of Ghanaians are suggesting that he is faking his sickness in order to be able to promote his recently video clip he shot . What is ur opinion on that …

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Stay tune for more updates

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